Journal of Management, Business and Economics, College of Management Science, PAF-KIET

Market Forces


Market Forces is a multidisciplinary academic research journal published by the College of Management Sciences.  This is an open source journal which is in publication since 2005. Initially, it published four issues per year, but since 2014 it is being published twice a year. Market Forces has an international advisory board with academics and professionals both from home and aboard.  The contents of the journal include research papers, case studies, book reviews, policy papers and conference reports.  Market Forces has received wide acclaim from academic and research circles in Pakistan and internationally.

Market forces being a multidisciplinary journal only publishes original research, review articles, case studies related to but not limited to the following domains:
Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Business Law, Business Ethics, Business Educations, e-business and Social sciences


  1. All the received manuscripts are initially screened for similarity index. Manuscript with similarity higher than 14% are rejected.
  2. Those within the prescribed similarity limit are then initially reviewed by the editorwho either accepts the manuscript for detailed review process or rejects it.
  3. The manuscripts accepted for detailed review go through double blind review process. In this review process one reviewer is a local expert and the other is a renowned international expert.
  4. The decision to publish or reject the manuscript are based on the reviewer’s comments.
  5. The editorial board ensures that all the changes recommended by the reviewers are incorporated in the manuscripts before publication.
  6. The authors who have submitted their manuscript online can track the status of theirmanuscript on the web page.
  7. Additionally, the editorial team at each stage updates the authors on the status of their manuscripts.  It usually takes about one year for publication of the received manuscripts.

The authors could submit their manuscript on line at /index.php/marketforces or they can email the manuscript to Before sending their manuscripts, the authors are advised to read the authors guidelines for manuscript submission on the market forces web page.

Plagiarism occurs when an individual copies others’ works and claim to be his/her own.  Authors when reuses significant part of has earlier published work without citation is also plagiarism and is refer as self-plagiarism or duplicate publications. On detection of plagiarism, Market Forces will take the following actions
  1. Reject the manuscript(s) immediately, and notify the authors accordingly.
  2. The author(s) will be black listed and their manuscripts will not be published in future.
  3. If these author(s) is/are on the review board of Market Forces, their names will be withdrawn from it, immediately.
  4. If the manuscript submitted to Market Forces has significant duplication/over lapping with the manuscript of another journal, it is a case of plagiarism. Such manuscript if is under publication, will be withdrawn immediately and the editor of the concerned journal will be informed.
  5. In case of translated manuscripts, the author(s) will be required to provide details of the original publication including the language of original manuscript, title of the journal, date of publication, volume and issue. Additionally, the author must have copy right for such manuscripts.


  1. Copyright of all the submissions to the Market Forces will remain to the contributors.
  2. Anyone is allowed to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon his/her work, even commercially, as long as it is credited/cited to the original contributors of the Market Forces.