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Online Admission Form
(Available since Oct. 24, 2010)

Online Admission Form will provide following benefits:
1. Availability of Admission Form to larger student population of the country.
2. Saving of transportation cost and time to applicants to obtain the form.
3. Saving print cost of Admission Forms to all campuses of the Institute as the online form will be filled and printed by the applicant.
4. System allows applicants to fill and save form in his/her computer and print later.
5. Saving time of admission officers to provide forms to the applicants over the counter and attend common queries which are already replied in FAQs. FAQs link will be available online with the Admission Form. For further queries, applicants may contact Admission Officer at the campus. MIS Officer will provide technical support to the applicant through phone, email or online chat.
6. Program Applicant may submit the form (complete in all respects) with required documents, applicant snaps and form fee to PAF-KIET Admission Office personally or through TCS.
7. 80% work of data entry by Admission Officer will be eliminated as the data will be filled by the Applicant online.
8. Spelling mistakes in student name, father name are common as the Admission Officers have to feed the data hurriedly to meet departmental deadlines. These spelling errors are corrected at a later stage by R&E Director when pointed out by the student. In most cases, these errors are corrected at the time of issuing Transcripts to students. Such errors will be zero percent as the student would fill Online Admission Form.


Business Rules

For Applicants:
1) Online Admission Form will be available from Database Application Server placed at City campus and hence, its available timings will be as of database availability.
2) In case of common queries, the applicant may read FAQs (link available with the online admission form) or contact PAF-KIET Admission Officer at the campus. MIS Officer will be available for technical support to the Applicant through phone, email or online chat.
3) The form displays Programs and Majors as per Prospectus 2009-10. Applicant will select Program of Study and the name of Campus where the Program is offered will appear automatically under the selected Program of Study.
4) Fields marked as “*” are mandatory.
5) Applicant may opt for fee discount by clicking on Fee Discount link.
6) Applicant will fill the Admission Form online and press Submit button. Acknowledgement email and / or SMS informing auto-generated Applicant Number will be sent to the Applicant on pressing Submit button.
7) Following message will appear on the screen after submission of the form. This message is modifiable by Admission Officer through database:
a) Your Applicant Number is xxx
b) Last date to submit the form is xxx

c) To submit form:
i. Print the form by pressing the Print button.
ii. Get the form signed by you and your parent / guardian
iii. Attach following documents with the form:
• Copies of previous qualification certificates, mark sheets, etc.
• Two photographs of applicant
• NIC copies of the signatories iv. Pay Rs. 1,000 (cash or pay order) for form fee and service charges
v. Submit the completed form personally to PAF-KIET Admission Office at the campus where admission is desired. Bring original documents for verification.
vi. Selection of program applicant will be based on Aptitude Test and Interview.
8) Online Admission Form page will have link for the Applicants to print, fill and attach ‘Questionnaire for new admissions’ with the Admission Form
9) Online Admission Form page will have following links for the Applicants to download:
a) Sample Test Paper
b) FAQs

For Admission Officers:
1. When the Admission Officer receives Online Admission Form (through applicant personally or through TCS, printed and complete in all respects), he/she will verify the ‘Online Admission Form’ and ‘Aptitude Test Admit Card’ through ADM1 (database form).
2. Admission Officer will enter Form Number on the printed form and in the database form ADM1 as per sequence of form number running in the campus.
3. Admission Officer will have the facility to print Aptitude Test Admit Card from ADM1 database form, if required. Aptitude Test Admit Card will have date, time and venue of the test, applicant number, name, etc.
4. Admission Officer will sign the Aptitude Test Admit Card and deliver the card to the applicant personally or through TCS.

Print / Scan Station in Admission Office
During admission campaigns, Print / Scan Stations may be created at each campus to help program applicants. The station should have:
1. One computer with Internet connection for the applicant to fill online admission form.
2. One printer to print Online Admission Form and other documents to be attached to the admission form.
3. One scanner to scan applicant photo for the database.
4. One MIS Officer to help applicants do the above tasks and upload applicant photo.
5. Admission Officer may print Aptitude Test Admit Card, form fee receipt, etc. for the applicants through the database.

Note: Semester Registration and Course Fee can be paid only through Pay Order made in the name of “PAF-KIET Main campus” for Main campus degree programs, and “PAF-KIET City campus” for City campus degree programs.